Technical Specifications

Voltage: 230 V / 100 V
Power: 0.5 kW
Hydraulic pressure: 15 bar
Weight: 80 kg
L x W x H : 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.3 m
Activation method: Coin / Button / Contactless



SUPER-DIG is a “grown-up” excavator made for children. It has the same digging motions as a regular excavator where all the functions are hydraulically operated. SUPER-DIG will be and attraction and a focal point for the children. SUPER-DIG is easy to operate, even for smaller children. It is also robust and require little maintenance.

SUPER-DIG can be used indoors and outdoors all year any season.

SUPER-DIG has shipped to several countries around the world since 1986.

Special color and livery can be delivered on your request.

You will find SUPER-DIG at:

  • Playgrounds
  • Camp sites
  • Hotels
  • Parks
  • Theme parks
  • Private individuals

Where children have enjoyed the SUPER-DIG for years.


The super dig is a hydraulic operated excavator intended for children from 3 years of age under supervision of adult person. 

The Super Dig operates the same way as an adult excavator. It has an electrical hydraulic pump that generates hydraulic pressure. There is a hydraulic distribution valve with three proportional valves that can be manipulated from three levers, by manipulating the levers the user can make the excavator arm on the Super Dig to dig like an adult excavator. 

The super Dig X 40 vas developed in 1986 and was inspired by the world famous Brøyt excavator. The Super Dig has been a magnet for kids and adults all over the world. The Super dig is manufactured in our own facility in Norway and the machine is built of steel plates and pipes that are welded together to the chape of the Super Dig X40 model. All the steel components are dipped in a coating to prevent corrosion. After the coating we use a high-quality powder paint to cover the surfaces to make sure we deliver paint that can handle wear and tear in a sandbox with kids. We use powder paint with corrosion class C4. to make sure the Super Dig X 40 can stand outside all year. The seat is built of fibreglass where the colour of the seat is painted in the mould before fiberglass is moulded to the colour which make it strong for wear.