The original since 1986

Made in Norway - Shipped around the world


SUPER-DIG has shipped to several countries around the world since 1986.

SUPER-DIG will be an attraction and a focal point for the children. It is easy to operate, even for smaller children. It is also robust and requires little maintenance.

Configure your own excavator with multiple options for activation methods, and bucket attachments.


We offer different kinds of activation methods using contactless, coins and button. Add your preferred option and we will build it for you.
If your want to change the bucket out with a claw, this is now available from our online store.

Renew your outdoor space

Proven quality and technology

This excavator is made for children and can be used indoors and outdoors year-round in any season.

Our hydraulic excavator is manufactured locally in Norway and delivered around the world. The excavator is precisely assembled and checked before shipping.